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Since 2007, CREW Network through UCREW® has been introducing college students to diverse opportunities in commercial real estate. WCREW, a chapter of CREW Network, hosts interactive sessions in the fall and/or spring, and utilizes members as role models to teach students networking fundamentals, offer powerful career resources and provide relationship-building opportunities in career development.

What is UCREW?

UCREW is a dynamic forum where women attending local universities are invited to connect with commercial real estate professionals to discover careers, uncover opportunities and forge a network that takes their career to the next level. UCREW helps university students navigate career decision-making with more confidence. Students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in construction management, architecture, civil engineering and business fields such as accounting, finance, management and marketing all benefit from this program.

With a focus on advancing the success of women in the CRE industry, CREW members will speak candidly at the event about:

  • CORE Industry Careers

  • The CRE industry – past, present and future

  • Women in CREW – why we are in it to win it

  • Career experiences, challenges and success stories

  • Why Failure is not an option (otherwise we wouldn’t be here)

  • Next Generation – why CREW continues to grow, evolve and remain relevant

CREW members are diverse and dynamic. Having industry tenure while being tech-savvy, they’re polished yet cutting-edge. CREW member companies are among the industry’s largest and leading employers. They invest in CREW through their membership and sponsorship and by helping to provide programs such as UCREW.

Why should I attend UCREW?

Opportunities! UCREW participants are eligible for internships, job-shadowing and mentoring opportunities with CREW members and their companies. Information on available opportunities are always available at the end of the program.

UCREW participants can join CREW Network at the student-member rate. Benefits include members-only CREW events, engaging programs and access to CREWBiz, CREW’s nationwide membership database – a go-to network that goes to work for you.

What can UCREW do for U?

  • UCREW connects you to real opportunities within commercial real estate.

  • UCREW aligns you with industry leaders, connectors and influencers.

  • UCREW gives you access to an exponential professional network.

UCREW is a smart strategy to increase your professional ROI. Don’t just look for your next job – engage with veterans of a high-powered industry that encompasses all areas of business. Put your network in “U” drive and accelerate towards long-term career success.

UCREW is funded in part by the CREW Network Foundation.

Be a leader in supporting diversity and the advancement of women in commercial real estate. Make a tax-deductible gift to our Career Outreach efforts.